Saturday, November 18, 2006

The Class... My New Favorite Show

As some of you may know I love the TV show Friends and can pretty much quote a show verbatim every time I'm watching it and even when I'm not. I told my self at the beginning of the Fall TV season that I was not going to take on anymore new TV shows (which did not happen). I accidentally set my DVR to set a show entitled The Class. I was meaning to record How I Met Your Mother (funny, funny show) and they had switched the times on me, so long story short I began to watch The Class. It is from the creator of Friends and is somewhat like the show except it follows 8 people and not all of the people hang out as 8, but their lives intertwine after one of the characters decides to get his third grade class together to propose to his girlfriend (also from the third grade class). Unfortunately for the guy she dumps him at the party and it show begins following these 8 characters. The reason I blog about this is because Mike, my brother, Eric, and myself were able to go and see a taping of this show. It was one of the funnest things I have ever done. First of all they sat us in the front row off to the side, which was awesome. Second I have decided that I could very well work in the TV show environment (I always said I would only do stage stuff). Third that coolest thing about the whole taping was when at one point about 4 of the characters the two creators, the director (who also directed and produced all of Cheers and many, many others) were standing right in front of us, about 10 feet away. I could care less about getting free stuff and dancing around to the music with the warm up guy, I just loved being able to hear conversation that the writers were having and the actors. The actors were all great some even would wave and smile and make eye contact with us. At least I like to think it was me, it was probably someone behind me. :-) I just think that everyone should watch this show. It's hilarious and the entire cast seems like they have a lot of fun working on the set. Watch it Monday nights at 8:30pm on CBS. If you haven't seen the show you can watch all the episodes for free at their website. The Class... My new favorite show!!

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Jessica Ronhaar said...

Wow, that sounds like an awesome time. I'm glad to hear that you guys had a good time. I think that I might have to check out this hilarous show.