Thursday, December 07, 2006

Tonight's the Night...

I will once again be on stage performing. I have not performed on a stage in over three years now so I am extremely nervous! Tonight I will be performing and singing (kind of) in my churches Christmas production, The Living Christmas Tree. I know the words, the moves and all the cues, yet I'm more nervous for this tonight than I have ever been for any other production I have ever been in. I think if I decide to do any community theater after this I will not be auditioning for any musicals in the near future. I forgot how hard it is to sing, dance and smile. If anyone does read my blog, please pray that I will remember everything I'm supposed to tonight and that I don't fall, faint or freak out! My main goal tonight is to do this all for God and to show people how amazing He is, the true meaning of Christmas and how Christians can have fun at church and even dance :-)

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