Sunday, April 27, 2008

I'm a Couch Potato...

On Monday morning I had a regular doctors appointment. When I got to the nurses station she weighted me like they always do and took my blood pressure. I ended up having high blood pressure and I had gained about 11 pounds in three weeks. Now I know I'm supposed to gain weight during pregnancy but this seemed a bit odd. They weighted me about three times and took my blood pressure. After talking with my mid wife the end result was that they needed to take some more blood, (I had already had blood drawn before my appointment that morning.) and I had to do this thing they call a non stress test (NST). The non stress test is where they check my blood pressure and the babies blood pressure and also they check to make sure the fluids are all good. My test turned out great. Everything looked fine. My blood tests came back negative also. I was also put on couch rest. This basically means that I can go to the bathroom and that I shouldn't do any housework or stand for long periods of time. Needless to say, I have been pretty bored all week sitting on my couch.

I had to take another NST on Thursday and the nurse looked at me kind of crazy and asked why I still had to come in if all my lab results looked good. I didn't know, so she talked to my doctor and my doctor ordered one last test to see if I have high levels of protein in my urine. If this is the case I could possibly be developing hypertension in pregnancy (PIH) or preeclampsia. There are things they can do to help with these, but the best remedy is giving birth (weird, I know). It can be pretty common for women to get these things in their first pregnancies. So... from Friday morning to Saturday morning I had to collect my pee in a large jug and then drop it off at the Kaiser Lab on Saturday. It was sort of funny having to carry a large jug of pee (in a brown bag) to the lab and stand in a line for a few minutes.

I have a doctors appointment on Wednesday, so hopefully my lab results will be negative and I just had a weird moment of high blood pressure. :-)

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